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We Understand Your Challenges

Empower your revenue teams and discover full potential of Gong platform with Outbound Funnel consulting team. As preferred Gong implementation partner, we work with organizations small and large to align their investment in Gong platform with their revenue teams and business goals.  From sales processes optimization, improving customer journey, leveraging AI applications, to streamlining forecasting and reporting. Our Gong experts equipped hundreds of global customers with competitive advantage of transforming their strategic plans to reality.

As a leading agency with extensive experience in delivering result-oriented sales automation solutions, our consultants will support you with comprehensive Gong implementation, operations, consulting, training, audit, custom integrations, and managed services.

Reach out and get to know the Outbound Funnel team to maximize your use of Gong and optimize your sales efficiency and revenue team's performance.


We Are Where Our Customers Are

7 + US Based Teams Servicing Global Time Zones CA . WA . ME . IL . OH . TX . NY
350 + Successful Customer Launches
10,000 + Hours of Working Together with our Clients

What We Do

Gong Consultation

Our Gong consultants provide strategic guidance, best practice advice, consistent support to help companies make the most of their investments in Gong Platform


We create a tailored onboarding plan and assist with the initial account setup, team enablement, key systems integration, and establishing reporting & analytics processes.

System Audit Services

If you have existing instance of Gong, we can provide audit & assess it on 50+ key areas to suggest best practices around process optimization, team enablement, check integration statuses & campaign performances.

Gong Managed Services

Our Gong  consultants support your in-house team’s efficiency through revenue teams training and technical support, Engage campaign creation and activation, process optimization, automation triggers and governance, integration maintenance and reporting.

Training & Enablement

Our Gong certified consultants train your team on all aspects of Gong to accelerate your returns and leverage its competitive capabilities to discover, convert and win more revenue opportunities

Platform & Data Migration

Whether moving from another platform, merging with another business unit, or enriching your Gong instance, our team can support your initiative with over half  a decade of experience in platform-to-platform and data migration support

Customer Testimonials


Even if you do not even consider how powerful Gong is, which was the main reason for us to sign up, the onboarding was immaculate. On multiple occasions, I shared with the rest of the internal project team that Outbound Funnel (and the Gong experience in general) was the best Implementation / Onboarding I have personally ever experienced, for any tool.



Our experience with Outbound Funnel was phenomenal. Their professional, efficient approach, was commendable. The implementation and trainings were perfectly structured, simplifying the onboarding process. It freed our team to focus on our roles while they smoothly set everything up.

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Outbound Funnel installed a repeatable process for our team and solved the challenge of bandwidth. Within weeks the team was having more conversations with the right people than we had in the six months prior


Outbound Funnel demonstrated to us that they understood our business and had the right background & experience to solve our data challenge. They helped us identify our key buyers, verify our historic contact list and design the right communication approach, cadence, and strategy


They’ve installed a repeatable process for our RedLock’s team and solved the challenge of bandwidth. Within weeks the team was having more conversations with the right people than they had in the six months prior


It was a great onboarding experience. our implementation manager went above and beyond in the process 

Integrated Solution

Connect Gong with your existing tech stack to bring integrated sales playbook to your teams.