Outbound Funnel Case Study


Multi-Platform Migration, Enablement, and Managed Services

Case Study


AffiniPay is a leading provider of professional fintech software solutions in North America. They combine unbeatable customer service with advanced technologies such as online payments (credit, debit, and eChecks) and top-rated practice management software tailored for the legal industry.


AffiniPay engaged with Outbound funnel to consolidate multiple legal and accounting brands into a single NewCo organization. This required migrating CRMs, Sales Engagement Platforms, and Marketing Automation Platforms into one unified instance. We collaborated with various teams, both internal and external, to synchronize platform deployment, consolidate chat services, and develop migration and onboarding strategy.

What Our Clients Say

"Outbound Funnel was AffiniPay’s transformation partner along the journey creating a unified sales engagement tech stack for our revenue teams. With expert strategy and execution, they helped streamline this complex consolidation, ensuring minimal disruption and a unified organizations."

Zach Goldman
VP, Revenue Operations & Transformation

Project Result


Unify six distinct legal and accounting brands acquired by AffiniPay into a single NewCo organization to create a centralized center of excellence for operations, revenue teams, and technology.

Migration Focus

Migrate CRMs, Sales Engagement Platforms to a single NewCo instance for streamlined operations.

Sales Platform Migration

Collaborate with the the internal and external teams to synchronize the migration of Sales and Sales Engagement Platforms.

Tool Set Implementation

Implement tools sets for seven organizations into a single instance of Outreach, consolidating existing Drift and Intercom chat instances.

Platform :

○ Outreach | HubSpot
○ Intercom | Drift

Strategy :

○ Cross-Platform Migration
○ Managed Services & Support
○ Training & System Adoption

By the Numbers:

Added, Imported, Loaded and Mapped:
○ 286,153 leads
○ 330,818 contacts
○ 157,168 accounts
○ 67,943 opportunities
○ 235 templates
○ 69 sequences including 23 during launch
○ 45+ templates
○ 68 meeting types (calendar invite templates)

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