SEP Guide to Better 2023

A look at organizational investment in sales tools and best practices to make them work more effectively and efficiently


What's Preventing

You From Making

The Most Of Your

Sales Engagement




In this guide, we will explore some of the common challenges revenue teams encounter with their Sales Engagement Platform and opportunities for organizations to make the most of their investment in sales technology.

We will share our experience, ways to avoid system abandonment or leveraging just a fraction of their potential and provide actionable takeaways to supercharge your sales technology and revenue teams to
get ahead.



Since 2018, Outbound Funnel has worked with over 700+ companies to drive higher efficiency in their processes and focus on more revenue-generating activities using Sales Engagement Platform.

As a strategic partner to CxO’s, Sales and Marketing leaders, RevOps, SalesOps and Enablement teams - we model your existing and future customer’s experience journey to sales engagement platform, streamline communication channels, optimize the use of sales technology tools, and create a sharper line of sight for leadership on activities across departments.

Our team’s experience spans across Digital Sales Transformation technology, implementation, onboarding, and training for companies from 5 employees strong, to Fortune 500 large. Our proprietary training and system administration methods allowed us to drastically reduce time-to-value for customers, enabling teams to scale swiftly and efficiently.



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