Outbound Funnel Case Study


Outreach to Salesloft Platform Migration

Case Study


Seamless.AI was found on foundation to organize the world’s contacts and make them universally accessible and useful. This makes creating profitable relationships and new revenue, seamless.


The team found Salesloft as a platform of choice to empower their sales team performance and better support their internal business processes.

SeamlesAI team were facing tight timeline in need to migrate their entire sales engagement system and re-train their revenue teams in a timely manner. Outbound Funnel is a certified Salesloft partner that was selected for this project

What Our Clients Say

"Our experience with Outbound Funnel was phenomenal. Their professional, efficient approach, particularly from our point of contact, Ben McWilliams, was commendable. The implementation and trainings were perfectly structured, simplifying the onboarding process. It freed our team to focus on our roles while they smoothly set everything up."

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Colby Gouldrup
Head of Enablement & RevOps

Project Result

Swift Migration required a rapid transition of over 150 sales team members from the SEP legacy solution to Salesloft in under 30 days.

Integration & Streamlining

The Outbound Funnel team sought a join project plan and solution capable of seamlessly integrating with Seamless.AI existing tech stack. Simultaneously, this migration opened an opportunity to enhance practices that warranted company-wide adoption of the new system and sales process.

Process Parity & Improvement

Maintaining business continuity with existing processes and tools across their sales teams was essential for Seamless.AI through this transformational transition.

Use Case Expansion

Opened an opportunity for onboarding of additional 30 Customer Success team members on Salesloft shortly after migration to support cross-functional, customer centric strategy.

Platform :

 ○ Outreach
○ Salesloft

Strategy :

○ Platform Migration
   ○ Change Management

Professional Services :

○ Platform to Platform Migration
○ Process and Team Set Up Parody
○ Phased Implementation
○ Automation Optimization
○ Tailored Onboarding
○ Technical Support

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