Outbound Funnel Case Study


Strategy, Enablement, and Managed Services

Case Study


SoundHound is a voice AI platform that enables businesses to provide conversational experiences to their customers.


Managed Services and Support for SoundHound revenue teams to establish new GTM practices leveraging Outreach across 60+ sellers in variety of geographies, markets, and experience with sales execution platform

Managed Services

Provided strategic and tactical support services with focus on Salesforce Outreach sync, automation, and launch of new campaigns to support sales teams.

Team Training & Development

In collaboration with RevOps team tailored onboarding plan and phased training schedule across different sales teams. Provided strategy and guidance on content development and activation across different campaigns

What Our Clients Say

"I don’t know what we would have done without the Outbound Funnel team!

We launched a new sales engagement platform for our 60+ seller team and the number of questions and support needed were just not tenable for our very small RevOps team to manage. The OBF team came to the rescue.

Their in-depth knowledge of our entire tech stack was phenomenal they leveraged this knowledge to support our internal Help Desk Slack channel for sales tools, as well as build out supporting enablement by way of a knowledge base, FAQ guide, and video tutorials.

Their work was instrumental in the sales team not only adopting but also increasing their daily productivity. This freed our internal team up to focus on strategic initiatives for the C-Suite. The Outbound Funnel team are incredible partners to work with!"

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Helene Korzeniewski
GTM and RevOps Leader

Project Result

Outreach Documentation

Outbound Funnel team build tailored to SoundHound use case and technical documentation for Outreach best practices. Raising adoption and user knowledge the team delivered weekly documentation of team onboarding progress, tip-of-the-week newsletter, and technical know-how for system admins and leaders

technical-support (1)
Technical Support

Created a dedicated Slack channel supporting for end users, admins, ops and team leaders to address general questions, strive to deliver same day technical support and resolutions

Platform :

                ○ Outreach

Strategy :

○ Managed Services
○ Technical Support
○ Enablement Strategy 
○ Team Training & Adoption

Professional Services :

○ Cross-Platform Configuration
○ Phased Implementation
○ KM / Documentation Build
○ Team Training and Support

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